My (Really Stupid) Skits :P

Skit #1


Me: I love Owl City! 😀

Tigerheart: No! Not a city full of owls!

Draco Malfoy: She’s talking about a band, you stupid cat!

Me: Actually, Owl City is only one person. 😉

Draco: No one asked your opinion, you filthy little-

Needletail: Oh my StarClan Draco! What is your problem!?

Tigerheart: Here comes the sass…

Draco: I was here the whole time!

Needletail: Yeah, but I’m sassier than you *sticks tongue out*

Draco: Hey!

*Needletail jumps on Draco’s leg*

Draco: *squeaks* Help me…

Adam Young: What’s going on here?

Me: AAAAAAAADDDDAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs Adam Young*

Adam: Okay… *hugs back* I do love my fans!

*Draco and Needletail are still fighting*

*NF walks by*

Me: Nathan! I’ll give you a hug too! You really need one!

NF: Nah, you don’t need to, I’m fine.

Me: *hugs NF*

NF: O_O Well okay then… *awkwardly hugs back* I need to leave now, are you going to let go of me anytime soon?

Adam: I can take care of her *pulls me off of NF*

Me: Adam! *hugs him again*

Adam: Aaannd we’re back to this…

*NF leaves*

*suddenly everyone turns around to the sound of hissing*

Me: *lets go of Adam*

Adam: Hey hey hey! What’s the matter with you two?

Needletail: Draco kicked the inside of my mouth!

Draco: No I didn’t! She bit my foot!

Adam: *facepalms*

Me: This has to stop!

Adam: Yes!

Me: *hugs Draco*

Draco: No! *picks me up and throws me over toward Adam*

*Adam catches me*


Adam: *puts me on the ground* There. *smiles*

Me: *must fight the urge to hug Adam!*

Adam: Draco, what was that for? You can’t just throw your fans around like that!

Draco: …

Adam: *gives him a hard stare* Now what do you say to her?

Draco: ?

Adam: I know you know…

Draco: Um… s… s – sorry…?

Adam: Good! Now you and Needletail can make up!

Needletail and Draco: What!?

Adam: Go ahead.

Draco: I’m… er… sorry… Needletail…

Needletail: I’m… sorry too… Draco…

Me: Adam, you truly are a smol precious cinnamon roll bean!

Adam: Um… thanks?

Me: *has fangirl attack and explodes*


Skit #2


Winter: WHERE AM I!?

Needletail: When did you get here!?

Winter: I DON’T KNOW!

Needletail: Stop yelling!

*Winter huffs*

Needletail: Don’t use that sass. I’m the only sassy one here!

*Draco Malfoy rolls his eyes*

*Needletail hisses at him*

Adam Young: Calm down you two.

*Tigerheart falls out of the sky and lands on Draco’s head*

Draco: Get off of me, you stupid cat!

Adam: Hey! *picks Tigerheart up* Draco, calm down.

Draco: Hrmph!

Tigerheart: Wait a second, why is there a dragon?

Adam: *looks at Winter* Uuuuuhhhhhmmmm

Me: Hey look! It’s Winter!

Draco: What’s he doing here?


Needletail: I honestly don’t even know why anyone is here.

Me: Hehehe

Draco: *glares at me* Okay, what did you do?

Me: Nothing!

Draco: I know you did something!

Adam: Draco!

Draco: What!?

Adam: How could she have done anything?

Draco: She could’ve done something! Don’t you see the way she looks at us with those crazy, weird eyes of hers?

Adam: She’s a fangirl, Draco!

Draco: But she-

Tigerheart: Enough! Draco, your arguing is pointless!

Draco: Hrmph!

Me: It’s okay, Draco! *hugs Draco*

Draco: No! Not again!

Adam: You better not throw her this time!

Draco: I’m not going to throw her again, okay?

Adam: Good

Draco: :/

Draco: -_-

Draco: O/O

Draco: XP

Draco: Okay, can someone please just get her off of me!?

Adam: *sighs* Okay *puts Tigerheart on the ground and grabs me off of Draco*

Me: YAY! Adam! <3 *hugs Adam*

Winter: I’m leaving now *flies away*

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