My Cringy Fanfiction :P

Draco Malfoy Fanfiction


“How could you get married to that filthy blood traitor!?” Lucius shouted at his son.

“Don’t talk down to me! That’s not going to work now! I don’t care about your stupid pure bloodline! Why is it so important to you, anyway? Did the Battle of Hogwarts even mean anything to you? Did you even care that there were muggleborns risking their lives, fighting the Death Eaters? If it weren’t for them, we might not even be alive right now!” Draco yelled back.

Lucius stared at Draco, clearly shocked at his son’s words.

“Just know that I still care for you…. You’re my Father. If you… and Mother… ever want to do the same as I… you can! Just… think about it….” Draco said, dipping his head.

Lucius eyed him-slightly glaring-once more, then he turned and walked away.

A tear fell from Draco’s eye and slid down his face. I did what was right.




Draco heard footsteps coming toward him and looked around.

“There’s… something wrong with Mother….” said his son, Scorpius.

Draco dipped his head, silent for a while, until he said, “I knew this was going to happen one day…. Astoria has lived a long time with her bad health… but that won’t make this any easier….”

Draco walked with Scorpius into the room Astoria was in, his heart wrenching when he saw the state she was in. “Astoria…,” he whispered.

“Draco…,” she looked at him.

Draco walked to the other side of the bed, leaving Scorpius on that side.

Draco saw tears streaming down his son’s face.


“It’s going to be okay…,” Astoria soothed. “Draco will take care of you.”

Astoria looked at Draco, “Goodbye….” she closed her eyes.

Tears filled Draco’s eyes and streamed down his face. He pressed his face into Astoria’s hair, and, breathing in her warm, sweet scent, her breath stopped.

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