Character In The Spotlight: Sunshine

Sunshine is a character in the Survivors series by Erin Hunter (a group of people under a pen name).

Sunshine first appears in the first book, The Empty City. She was a Leashed Dog (house dog), but like Bella, Mickey, Bruno, Daisy, Martha, and Alphie, her “longpaws” left her after the Big Growl (the earthquake).

All the former Leashed Dogs had to learn to live in the city. They had each other to look after.

When they meet Bella’s brother, Lucky, who’s been living alone in the city for a long time, he helps them learn to live in the wild, but instead of staying in the city, they go into the forest because the city was dangerous after the Growl.

At first, it’s a huge struggle for the dogs to live this way, especially Sunshine because she’s so small and fluffy and gets everything stuck in her fur. And of course, she’s been used to being pampered, so she’s going to have a hard time as a wild dog.

At the end of book two, A Hidden Enemy, Lucky and the former Leashed Dogs join the Wild Pack currently being led by the half-wolf, Alpha. Sunshine ends up becoming the pack’s Omega, and unlike the dog who was Omega before her, Whine, Sunshine is happy and proud of her position.

She’s always so cheerful and loving and happily helps her packmates by bringing them fresh moss for bedding and moss soaked in water for drinking.

She’s also just a great packmate and friend and does what she can to keep everyone happy. And when Arrow and Storm were being wrongly accused of crimes they didn’t commit, she was one of the only dogs who actually stood up for them, despite her size, and despite being the Omega.

When Arrow and Bella left the pack because the dogs didn’t trust Arrow and Bella is his mate, Sunshine was one of the only dogs who stood up for them to try and get them to stay.

‘”But, Bella!” cried Sunshine. She darted up to the golden dog and placed her small white paws against her shoulder. “You can’t leave the Pack. Neither of you! This is all so silly! We’ve all been through so much together. And the Pack needs every dog. We need you and Arrow!”‘ (Into The Shadows, page 114)

But of course, Bella and Arrow still had to leave, but even then, Sunshine still showed her support and care for them.

‘”And I’ll miss you both too. So much.” Sunshine padded up to Arrow, creeping right underneath his belly as if seeking his protection. Peeking her head out, she blinked up at him. “There’s nowhere safer than right here. I wish the rest of the Pack could have seen that.”

Arrow swallowed, looking touched. He bent his head to lick the top of the little Omega’s. “I’ll miss you, Sunshine. But don’t worry. You’ll be safe with the Pack; they’ll look after you.”‘ (pages 120-121)

Then when Storm gets accused of something she didn’t do (Storm also tried to explain to them it was another dog who had done it) and ended up being put into a den and gaurded by other dogs, Sunshine stands up for her because she believes Storm is innocent and thinks that, even if the others don’t believe Storm is innocent, they should at least give the other dog the same treatment.

‘”Why should I calm down?” Sunshine yapped furiously. “None of this is fair. We all know what’s going on here! Why isn’t anyone keeping as close an eye on Breeze?”‘ (The Final Battle, page 41)

I just think Sunshine is an amazing character overall, who deserves more recognition (not just in Survivors but also in general! (The series as a whole deserves more recognition too!))

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this! Next, I’m going to talk about my boi Turtle from Wings of Fire!

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