My Favorite Female Characters

There are lots of amazing characters in series, both male and female. Here are some of my favorite female characters.


Daisy chose to be a permanent queen (staying in the nursery to take care of kits, including ones who aren’t her own, instead of being a warrior), and she gets some hate from the fandom because of it, but she doesn’t deserve hate. She helps the Clan by caring for the kits, and she’s a loving and strong mother.


Sunshine is a very kind dog, and despite her size, she has a big heart. She can also still be very strong and fierce. She’s just so cute and sweet!

Nymphadora Tonks

I really don’t have anything to say about her other than I just like her and think she’s cool. I also like her relationship with Remus.


Ferncloud started out as a warrior, but then, like Daisy, she became a permanent queen. She died protecting the kits.


Sunny is a sweet, kind, and compassionate dragon. Dragons don’t always take her seriously, which frustrates her. I could relate to her, reading her POV in The Brightest Night.


I used to not like her as much as I liked her sister, but now I like them both the same. Twigbranch’s character got better and she developed more from Darkest Night to The Raging Storm.


This is the picture I’m using for her since there really isn’t any official or fan art of her.

Tufty was one of Arrow and Bella’s pups. She died at birth, and she guided other pups (like her cousins) to safety.


She was really nice as a person, and she helped Credence all she could. I don’t think she became evil when she turned into a snake but was being controlled by Voldemort and couldn’t do anything about it.


Violetshine is Twigbranch’s sister. She’s nice, and she’s been through a lot. She’s a well-developed character.


She’s interesting, funny, and unique. She deserves more attention and is similar to Luna Lovegood.


This is official art of a different character, but it’s how I’ve always imagine Tiny (I thought it was a picture of Tiny until I found out it was Tumble).

She was the runt of the litter, but she was a very strong and sweet pup, and she grew up and became stronger.


She was born in ThunderClan, but when she joined ShadowClan, she was one of the most loyal warriors. She has good development and is very strong.

Andromeda Tonks

She was disowned from her family (the Blacks) for being a blood-traitor. She’s a really cool, strong, and nice character. She’s a great Slytherin, and her relationship with Ted Tonks is cute and sweet.


I think she’s cool and interesting. She kind of makes me think of Narcissa Malfoy.


She’s an interesting character with some really great development.


She’s super cool with some good development and is strong. I love the book Moon’s Choice, and I love her relationship with Fiery!

Bellatrix Lestrange

I think she’s a great villain!


When she was young, a tree fell on her and gave her an injury. Her backbone was broken and she was permanently paralyzed from her backbone down. She was a strong and kind cat. She was very perseverant with her injury.


Not much is really known about her, but I just like her.


She’s a very… interesting… character.


I lovewing Dovewing! She doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets!

Luna Lovegood

She’s unique, funny, quirky, and nice.


She’s very fierce and strong. She got mistreated by a lot of dogs because she’s a doberman pinscher, but she was perseverant and only left the pack when things just got too out-of-hand, but then she came back to help them when she knew they were in a lot of danger.


I just really like her. I think she’s a pretty cool character with some good development. I also love her relationship with Deathbringer.

Narcissa Malfoy

She’s definitely not the best person or even the best mother, but she was definitely loving and caring to her son (and her husband), and she’s just a very interesting and cool character, and she lied to Voldemort to protect Draco.


She made mistakes and did bad things, but in the end, she felt bad for them and sacrificed her life for Violetshine.


She had a lot of character development from the first series to the second. She was one of the few dogs who supported Arrow (and Storm), and I love her relationship with Arrow!


I think she’s very interesting, cool, funny, and developed!

Other female characters i like that I’m not going to talk about:



Molly Weasley

Lily Potter

Minerva Mcgonagall

Leta Lestrange

Tina Goldstein







And many others 😛 XD

And my number one favorite female character all-together – this may surprise some people but may be very predictable to others – is

Astoria Malfoy

I have so much that I could say about Astoria. I just really love and admire her. She’s super sweet, nice, strong, and fierce.

She’s Draco’s wife, and I just love the way they love and take care of each other. It’s really sweet how Astoria takes care of Draco’s mental needs, while he takes care of her physical needs.

Astoria is an amazing wife for Draco; she’s patient, calm, gentle, and soothing, but she can also be fierce, and she yells at Draco when she has to, but otherwise, like I said, she’s calm and gentle.

Draco chose to be a better person and to become good himself, which is one of the things that drew Astoria to him in the first place, and she continues to be a good influence and inspiration for him and continues to encourage him to do the best he can.

Yes, he definitely frustrates her, drives her crazy, and is all-around a pain-in-the-butt sometimes, but she loves him anyway for who he is.

That’s what girl power really is!

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