I’m Dovewing!


It used to be Graystripe, who I’m not a huge fan of (though I don’t hate or really dislike him), but now it’s my fifth favorite Warriors character who’s mates with my favorite Warriors character!

The link just goes straight to Dovewing’s page on the website, but I took a test on the website about which character I was most like, and this is what it said.

“You are most like¬†Dovewing

You are empathetic and lead with the best intentions. However, sometimes your stubbornness and indecisiveness can cause conflict between you and your friends. In the end you always know to follow your heart. “

Idk how accurate the description is, but from the books themselves, I’d say that, yes, I am kind of like Dovewing. (I can definitely see myself in her more than I can see myself in Graystripe.)

So yeah… I lovewing Dovewing!

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