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Art by sailorrr

Hi guys! I’m going to talk about why I prefer the ship Starspeaker (Starflight and Fatespeaker) over Sunnyflight (Starflight and Sunny).

In the beginning of the series, Starflight had a crush on Sunny, but Sunny only saw Starflight as a friend. She shouldn’t have to force herself into a relationship she doesn’t want to be in.

Then Starflight met Fatespeaker. He accepted Sunny’s feelings and stayed friends with her. He and Fatespeaker ended up loving each other romantically and wanted to be in a relationship.

Art by 88Aurora88

This is nice because it’s like a fresh breath of air. Starflight didn’t end up in a relationship with his first crush, which is pretty realistic. Not everyone has to end up married to the first person they had a crush on. It’s also nice that Starflight was able to accept that he couldn’t be with Sunny and remained friends with her and moved on and found romantic interest in Fatespeaker, who was also romantically interested in him. It’s nice that Starflight was able to be like this, unlike SOME characters I know (coughcough Bumblestipe and Ashfur coughcough).

Art by Owibyx

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