Bravelands – A Great Series And Not A Lion King Rip-Off

Bravelands is a series written under the pen name, Erin Hunter, the same pen name in which Warriors, Survivors, and Seekers are/were written under. Bravelands is mostly written specifically by the same person who mostly wrote Survivors.

When the first book came out, people were talking about how similar it was to The Lion King, and it’s perfectly okay to talk about similarities between two books/movies. It’s a fun thing to do for a lot of things! But there have been a few people who take it too far and say that Bravelands is a Lion King “rip-off”.

While Bravelands and The Lion King do have some similarities (specifically with Fearless and Simba), there are quite a lot of differences and a lot of things just unique about Bravelands.

Fearless is similar to Simba in some ways, yes, but they do have their differences. We also have other lions like Valor, Loyal, and Ruthless.

While Titan and Scar are very similar as well, Titan’s time as a villain is dragged out for the whole series (although the sixth book isn’t out yet, but he’s still alive as of The Spirit-Eaters), so there are some differences. Plus, he’s not the only villain, and that isn’t just because of his followers, like Scar had. There actually are other major villains, some who are better than Titan.

Then there are the other main characters, like Thorn, the baboon, who I find myself liking the most out of the three main characters, even though originally, I was the most excited to read about Fearless.

We also get to read about the other baboons, specifically the ones in the same troop as Thorn, and some of them are really good and interesting characters, like Nut and Stinger.

The other main character is Sky, the elephant, who really doesn’t seem like she’d be all that interesting, but she actually still does have her own unique and interesting things. The other elephants are pretty cool too.

There’s also all the other animals that either only show up/interact with the main characters once or twice or do more, who can also be interesting to read about.

Altogether, Bravelands is a great series that deserves more love. It isn’t just a rip-off of The Lion King, as it’s unique in its own way.

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