Draco and Luna Fanfiction

  Draco and his son, Scorpius, were huddling close together at Astoria’s funeral. Draco gently wrapped his arm around his son, who had tears streaming down his face. Draco was struggling to hold back his own tears.

    A flicker of blond hair – that wasn’t his or his son’s – crossed his vision. Luna Lovegood – who had been a good friend of his wife’s and had started being a friend to him – came into view. She stepped over to them.

    “I’m sorry for your loss,” Luna said in a soft and apologetic tone. “She was a very lovely person.”

    Draco nodded, and tears started falling from his eyes.

    Luna stepped closer, opening up her arms, and Draco did the same thing, and as they stood there, hugging each other, tears poured from Draco’s eyes and streamed down his face. Something about Luna’s arms around him was comforting, and right then he knew that, even in his pain and sorrow, even as much as he was struggling and would continue to struggle, and as difficult it would be, especially with continuing to be a good father to Scorpius, he would continue to do his best, and now, at least he had a friend.

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