Draco Malfoy vs. Breezepelt

This is kind of like a part 2 of my thing on Breezepelt. This time I’m going to be talking about how Breezepelt is somewhat similar but also very different to/from Draco Malfoy.

Some people might say that Draco and Breezepelt are similar characters. Here’s what I think.

The Power of Three/The first five HP books

In the Power of Three, Breezepelt was an apprentice named Breezepaw.

Breezepaw wasn’t really that bad, aside from just sort of being very grumpy, moody, sassy, and rude. He was kind of a jerk and was just very annoying. (He wasn’t really much different than Jaypaw, personality-wise.)

In the first five books of Harry Potter, Draco was a bully and all-around just a really bad person (along with having all the same traits/things Breezepaw had.)

So… who’s a better person between POT Breezepaw and first-five-books Draco?

I would say Breezepaw.

Omen of the Stars/The sixth and seventh HP books

This is when things change. Breezepaw is now a warrior named Breezepelt.

Breezepelt is training in the Dark Forest (cat hell), and he really wants to fight alongside them and train in the Dark Forest to get stronger, but not like a bunch of the other cats who were there who had been sort of tricked into it and only wanted to get stronger to help their Clans. Breezepelt actually wanted to learn how to kill, and he knew what the Dark Forest was up to and still followed them.

He attempted to murder Poppyfrost (+ her unborn kits) for no reason at all and Jayfeather (blind medicine cat) only because Breezepelt found out Jayfeather was his half-brother.

The only reason why he didn’t successfully kill them was because another cat came and forcefully stopped him.

Then, when the battle between the Dark Forest and the Clans + StarClan finally came, Breezepelt was one of the few living cats who chose to fight alongside the DF. His mother, Nighcloud, who he actually did love, and his future mate, Heathertail, both fought for StarClan, but even then, Breezepelt still chose the Dark Forest.

With Draco, he became a Death Eater at age sixteen. He did choose to be a Death Eater, and he did want to be one – similar to Breezepelt with the Dark Forest.

Draco was assigned a mission to kill Dumbledore. If he didn’t, he and his family would’ve been killed. Draco spends the whole year working on ways to kill Dumbledore, and he does some reckless things that put others in danger.

Then he finally gets the chance to kill Dumbledore, and he chooses not to kill him. He was not forcefully stopped. He chose not to.

Breezepelt attemted to murder Poppyfrost + her kits and Jayfeather out of his own hatred and was forced to stop. Draco was going to kill Dumbledore to save himself and his family but chose not to.

Later on, Draco continues to do things as a Death Eater underneath Voldemort’s orders, but he’s definitely less active and less willing to do things as a Death Eater than Breezepelt is in the Dark Forest.

In the final battle, Draco doesn’t really participate.

Draco’s parents are also either Death Eaters (Lucius) or Death Eater allies (Narcissa – she wasn’t a Death Eater herself but did at least support her husband and son), so Draco was never against them. He was trying to protect them and keep them safe.

So who’s a better person between OotS Breezepelt and 6th-7th books Draco?



In Dovewing’s Silence, Breezepelt didn’t show any remorse for his actions and pretty much got away with everything he did. But in Crowfeather’s Trial, he was all of a sudden a good person without going through any development, and he wasn’t portrayed as a bad person who became good. He was just portrayed as a person who was good all along, even though he wasn’t. He also didn’t take responsibility for or own up to his own actions. He was portrayed as just some poor, misunderstood, innocent baby, and his actions were blamed on his father.

Draco actually went through a lot of horrible things that had a huge effect on him. He (imo) has PTSD, and he realized a lot of things and ended up becoming a better person. Not only had he already gone through bad things, but he still continued to suffer and struggle, even after Deathly Hallows, as I already mentioned, with PTSD, and also, with the fact that people constantly mistreated and judged him.

Sure, Breezepelt had to deal with people treating him badly too, but I don’t think people treated Breezepelt quite as badly as Draco was treated, and there’s less of a reason for Draco to have to go through this treatment than there is for Breezepelt to have to go through it.

Draco felt remorse for his actions and took responsibility for and owned up to them. He was also portrayed as a bad person who became good, and he was not treated as a poor, misunderstood, innocent baby!

So, who had a better redemption arc between Draco and Breezepelt?


Ultimately, I think Draco is a better character.

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