My Favorite Ships

Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I want to talk about my favorite ships from series, in no particular order, exept that the last one is my #1 favorite.


Arrow and Bella are really cute and sweet with each other. Most of the other dogs didn’t treat Arrow very kindly since they didn’t trust him, but Bella showed him respect and love and didn’t care what other dogs thought of her or their relationship. When Arrow was driven away due to the other dogs’ hostility, Bella followed him and they started their own pack.


In the books, Harry and Ginny have a very fun, sweet, and cute relationship. Ginny is more fiery and passionate, while Harry can have a bit of a temper sometimes but is usually very calm and quiet, though he does passionately protect the people he loves. Harry and Ginny love each other a lot.


Fernsong and Ivypool are a very loving couple. Ivypool is more fierce, while Fernsong is soft. Fernsong chose to stay in the nursery and do most of the work taking care of their kits after they were weened.


Art by Zwiezda

I don’t think any of the ships in Wings of Fire are really the best written, but there are some that I think are nice, anyway. Deathbringer and Glory are very cute, sweet, and funny, and they definitely love each other.


Ron and Hermione went through a lot of ups and downs throughout their relationship, but they’ve always loved each other enough to work things out in the end. They fight, and they both have issues, but they love each other too much to let that completely ruin their relationship, and they probably do generally enjoy their little banters from time-to-time as well.


Art by Nightxwing

This has always been one of my favorite Warriors ship. I think they’re vey cute, sweet, and loving towards each other. They’ve been through a lot and still continue to love each other.


Art by x-Tamara-x

Riptide and Tsunami are kind of similar to Deathbringer and Glory. They have a very sweet, cute, and funny relationship.


Remus and Tonks had a very sweet and loving relationship with a bittersweet ending.


Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt are a sweet overlooked couple. I love them and their kits (one of which is Tigerheart), and I think Tawnypelt’s feelings for him after he died were very sweet and sad.


Fiery is so sweet towards Moon. He took care of her and treated her well when the dog she was originally supposed to mate wasn’t that great and ended up betraying their pack. As Moon put it, somewhere along the lines of “Fiery is more of a dog than Hunter will ever be!”


Art by Vika

At first, James was more of an annoying bully, although he always had a crush on Lily, who didn’t like him. Once he grew up and matured, however, she started taking an interest and liking to him. They got married and had a son, Harry, but then Voldemort came, and James and Lily died protecting Harry.


Art by FangArtKitty

Tree and Violetshine are sweet and cute together!


Art by TescoEdge

I really hope they end up together because I think they’d make a very cute and sweet couple!


I think they’re a cute and sweet couple because they both love exploring and discovering new things (like plants and animals).


Art by winterberry132

Even though I have some issues with Breezepelt and how he was written in Crowfeather’s Trial, I can’t deny the adorableness of this ship!


We don’t know a lot about them, but I think they could be very sweet.


They’ve been through a lot, and they’re very cute and sweet!


They truly love each other (in typical Malfoy-fashion) and would do anything to protect each other and their son, Draco, from harm.

And the #1 favorite ship award goes to…


Because they’re just too precious and I love them so much!

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