Draco vs. Zuko

Zuko is from an animated series called Avatar: The Last Airbender, and he was one of my very first fictional crushes. Draco Malfoy is my current favorite fictional character. I just really want to talk about the similarities and differences between these two characters, because I’ve seen a lot of stuff about them, and both …

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“You must punish all the cats who have commited unpunished and unforgivable crimes.” “Breezepelt?” “No.” “Brrrreezepelt?” “NO!” Haha… so yeah, anyway, about Breezepelt. I don’t hate Breezepelt, and I do kind of like him as a character. I just have some issues with how he was written (specifically his redemption arc). In the Power of …

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I’m Dovewing!

https://warriorcats.com/clans-cats/cats/dovewing It used to be Graystripe, who I’m not a huge fan of (though I don’t hate or really dislike him), but now it’s my fifth favorite Warriors character who’s mates with my favorite Warriors character! The link just goes straight to Dovewing’s page on the website, but I took a test on the website …

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